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Having an awesome toy collection is a beautiful thing! Every toy collector should be proud of the of their toy collection, be it a large army of mighty Transformers, to a smaller collection of high-value Star Wars figures. But why not go one step further and share your toy collection with other toy collectors?

Snapping interesting pictures of your toy collection and posting them on Instagram is a great hobby with-in a hobby, a hobby inception if you will. You will gain followers that share your passion for your chosen toy line, get inspiration from others peoples pictures and even make new friends all at the same time!

You don’t even need to have an expensive camera, the Instagram platform is aimed at mobile phones, so that is all you need to get shooting some great pictures of your collection. Read on for some tips to get you started.

Toy Collection Photo

Setting up your Instagram account

The first thing you need is an Instagram account. If this is your first time using Instagram, you can download the app from the Google Play Store if you are on an Android device, or the Apple Store if you are on an iPhone. The app will walk you through the account setup process.

If you already have an account and don’t want to share your toy collection with your friends and family that don’t share your love for toy collecting, you can start up a new account for the sole purpose of sharing your collection.

If you want to gain fellow toy collector followers, you should set your account to public so that your account can be discovered. Don’t forget to hashtag (#gijoe #yojoe – for example) your pictures when you post them, this will make your pictures easier to find.

Getting your toy collection picture ready

Before you start snapping pics of your toy collection, you should first make sure to clean up your figures. You want your figures to look the best that they can in your shots, so make sure to dust them off thoroughly using some pipe cleaners, compressed air or damp cloth.

Setting the scene

Toy Collection Outside

This is where your imagination can wild! You can recreate scenes for you toy collections cartoons or movies, post close-up shots of individual figures or, whatever you can think of! This is your show, so get creative!

You can take figures into the great outdoors to capture some realistic shots. If you have, for example, a large collection of Stormtroopers, you can take them out into a wooded area and set them up as though they are on patrol, searching for ‘rebel scum’.

Or you can take simple shots from inside the comfort of your own home. When taking photos inside you have to pay attention to lighting, most phone cameras can lead to grainy shots in low light situations. Not a big deal though, you can simply use a desk lamp or take photos during the day near a window to take advantage of natural light.

Finishing touches

Instagram has a large selection of built-in filters and photo adjustments that you can use to enhance your toy collection photos. Using these options can take an image from bland to eye-popping in just a matter of minutes. If you have image manipulation software such as photoshop, then you can really let your imagination run wild by adding special effects and even change the background of your image to something more fitting to your figures environment.

Toy Collection Before and After Images

Try not to go over the top with filters and adjustments, you want your toy collection to be the star of the show after all.

Using these tips to get you started, you should be able to get your new Instagram account setup and ready for posting awesome shots of your toy collection. The most important thing is to take photos for you and have fun doing it, people will appreciate what you have to offer. So, toy collector, are you ready to share your toy collection with the world?

Toy Collection Sharing With Instagram - Beginners Guide!
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Toy Collection Sharing With Instagram - Beginners Guide!
Sharing a toy collection on Instagram is a great way for a toy collector to showcase their collection and share it with the world. Read on for starter tips.
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Toy Collectors Zone
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