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So you’ve amassed a solid collection of action figures or collectible toys and are wondering how you’re going to display them. Well, you’ve come to the right place toy collector! Read on to discover 6 inspirational ideas, from toy shelves to glass cases, that will get your wheels turning and give your collection the display that it deserves!

Idea #1: Wall Mounted Toy Shelves

Wall shelves are a simple option when it comes to displaying your collection. You can have multiple tiers and have your most valuable and cherished acquisitions at the very top and tier the rest by importance, making a ranking system of sorts.

Separate toy shelves are also great if you collect more than one toy franchise so you are not intermingling figures that don’t share the same common universe i.e Star Wars and Star Trek or Marvel and DC.

There are many interesting, decorative wall shelving options too, not all are your average flat shelf. Just be careful that these shelves don’t outshine your collection!

Idea #2: Leaning Shelves

Toy Shelves

Leaning shelves are a stylish way to display your toy collection. Because they appear to “lean” on the wall, kind of like a ladder, they seem to take up less physical space than a bulky stand-alone shelving unit. You can line a wall with these leaning shelves to maximize the space you have to display your mighty collection.

An added bonus with these shelves is that some come with desk versions. Though this might not be recommended if you have pressing work that needs to be done, you’d have to fight the urge to tinker with your collection!

Idea #3: Glass Displays

These displays are for the serious toy collector. The have a higher price range than your average toy shelves, however, they can give your collection a “wow” factor. Some even come with lighting pre-installed so you can literally bask in the glow of your collection!

Another awesome bonus of this type of display is that they will keep dust out! Ask any toy collector and they will tell you that is worth the extra coin so you don’t have to clean your collection as often. Less time cleaning, more time hunting toys!

Toy Shelves

Idea #4: Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are kind of a hybrid of glass shelving and toy shelves. They will usually have a glass or plexiglass front and a wooden frame. This option is great for singling out your most treasured action figures into their own personal display. They also have the bonus of defeating the dreaded dust monster, leading to less cleaning and more enjoying.

Idea #5: Collector Cases

Some toy lines have created special collector cases that can house figures while keeping them safe while transporting. These collector cases can also be hung on the wall as a display piece which looks pretty impressive as the cases are themed to match the figures that they encapsulate!

There are also cases for displaying baseball bats that can be repurposed to display some of your prized collection, depending on the height of the figures.

Idea #6: Shelving Backgrounds

To add a little dimension to your display, you can add custom backgrounds. For example, say you collect Transformers figures, you could add a background that has an image of a landscape from their homeworld, Cybertron. This will take your collection to another level, or another world!

Display backgrounds can be found online, or you could grab a screenshot from a cartoon or movie and have it printed on some heavy paper stock so that it is sturdy enough to prop up behind your figures.

Hopefully, this post has given you some insight and inspiration on how to display your plastic treasure! As a toy collector, it is up to you to make sure your collection is displayed proudly and with the respect that it deserves!

Toy Shelves and More Display Ideas for Toy Collectors
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Toy Shelves and More Display Ideas for Toy Collectors
Discover 6 inspirational ideas, from toy shelves to glass cases, that will get your wheels turning and give your collection the display that it deserves!
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Toy Collectors Zone
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